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Economics as a Social Science - New edition
By George Argyrous, Frank Stilwell

Economic ideas are influential in restructuring society, for better or worse. An understanding of economics is important in the pursuit of progressive social change, even more than in the pursuit of personal enrichment.

Economics as a Social Science challenges the conventional wisdom of neoclassical economic theory found in most standard textbooks. It examines alternative analytical frameworks and draws on the insights provided by contemporary feminist and environmental movements. Since the release of the first edition in 1996, this book has become a key text. This new edition provides up-to-date analysis of economic issues, grounded in the current social and political context.

Major sections explore: Contemporary challenges: globalisation, inequality, economy-environment interactions and the 'new economy' Economy and society: market, state, class, gender, ethnicity, social capital, ideology Competing economic analyses: classical, neoclassical, Marxian, institutional, Keynesian and post Keynesian Modern challenges: green economics, feminist economics, rethinking economic development The state and economic policies: what can governments do?

Economics as a Social Science is a comprehensive collection of classical and contemporary readings in the field, written by leading local and international scholars.

Some chapters have been written for the book by prominent economists. Others are condensed versions of longer chapters and articles, abridged in order to highlight the key issues. All have been selected with a view to making the issues accessible to non-specialists who might otherwise shy away from the study of technical economic issues.

Frank Stilwell is Professor of Political Economy in the School of Economics and Political Science at the University of Sydney. He is author of Changing Track: A New Political Economic Direction for Australia (2000) and contributor to other Pluto Press books such as Serving the City (1999) and Stopping the Juggernaut (1999).

George Argyrous is senior lecturer in the School of Social Science and Policy at the University of NSW, Sydney. His research interests include the changing role of the state in the economy, the relationship between technological change and social change, and the relationship between the labour market and the welfare system.

ISBN: 1864030259

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