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From Diggers to Drag Queens
By Fiona Nicoll

The story of Australian national identity is frequently narrated as a journey from intolerance to tolerance. Fiona Nicoll remains unconvinced and shows us why. She analyses cultural institutions, artefacts and rituals, ranging from dioramas at the Australian War Memorial through to drag performances at Mardi-Gras and demonstrates how late twentieth century representations of a tolerant national identity are paradoxically dependent on intolerant early twentieth century models.

Author Fiona Nicoll is a Melbourne-based academic. Her research and publication over the past ten years have focused on the politics of Aboriginal reconciliation, queer theory and various permutations of digger-nationalism. She is currently an ARC post-doctoral research fellow working on a project titled 'National Identity at the Intersection of Anzac Day and Mardi-Gras'.

ISBN: 1864031182

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