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From the Suburbs
By Mark Latham

From the Suburbs is a collection of Mark Latham's papers over the past two years, reflecting his work as a creative and assertive Labor frontbencher. Latham defines the direction in which he believes the ALP should head as a party - with a radical edge, rattling the cage on Australia's political, social and economic establishment. He wants to disperse power and wealth widely across our society, bringing economic assets and cultural influence into the hands of the 'outsiders' in Australia's vast suburbs and towns.

Latham's vision centres on the way we live our lives - where we work, how long we sit in traffic each day, the quality of community services, our aspirations for economic ownership and secure neighbourhoods. He represents the feelings of modern suburban and working class Australians, who hope for mutual responsibility and respect, strong communities and ownership for all. This is the pathway to a good society.

Mark Latham is Federal Member for Werriwa and Shadow Minister for Economic Ownership, Housing, Urban Development and Community Security. He is co-editor of The Enabling State, and author of What Did You Learn Today? and Civilising Global Capital.

'Latham's pitch goes to the heart of how we live our lives.' Maxine McKew, The Bulletin

"..one of the full strength intellectuals in the federal parliament Labor caucus, an ideas factory who has set himself the task of transforming the Labor Party.." Craig McGregor, Sydney Morning Herald

"Latham, with his uncompromising language and debating skills, is the one Labor MP every Government Minister has seemed loath to confront in parliamentary debate. You can rest assured, he will be Labor leader one day." Alan Ramsey, Sydney Morning Herald

'When people ask what Labor stands for, I believe the answer is straightforward: we are anti-establishment, Australia's natural party of outsiders.' (Mark Latham, 2002 Menzies Lecture)

ISBN: 1864031891

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