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Future Active
By Graham Meikle

Future Active is an exploration of the widening field of Internet activism, of the key players and their ideas, and of the tactics and technologies that inspire them. The Internet has enabled unprecedented global commerce and helped create new oligopolies - but it has also mobilised millions of people locally and globally with very different visions of connected world communities.

Future Active examines the uses of the Internet as a tool to effect social, political and cultural change. Graham Meikle talks to activists from around the world: from culture jammers to right-wing resistance movements, from political parties to pioneer hacktivists. He provides case studies of milestone Net campaigns - key figures explain how Belgrade radio station B92 used the Net to thwart Milosevic's censorship, how the McSpotlight website contributed to the campaign of the defendants in the McLibel trial, and how the global Indymedia phenomenon was born.

Meikle argues that it is the unfinished and open nature of the Internet that is most radical. It is through creating open media spaces that people can come to make their own futures - and those futures will be much more exciting than the media McWorld of corporate 'interactivity'.

"Future Active is a report from the frontlines of the guerrilla media war. Writing in brisk, skip-the-bullshit style, Meikle chronicles and critiques the tactical strikes of hacktivists, culture jammers, and other mutant free radicals who are putting the Internet to political use." Mark Dery, author of 'The Pyrotechnic Insanitarium: American Culture on the Brink'

Graham Meikle lectures in Media and Communication at Macquarie University in Sydney, Australia.

Future Active is part of the media.culture series edited by McKenzie Wark..

ISBN: 1864031484

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