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Human Costs of Managerialism, The
By Stuart Rees, Gordon Rodley

Behind the mask of an apparently benign and seemingly rational search for 'efficiency' lies the unsavoury face of capitalism -- that's the commonly-held view of the 20-plus contributors to the Human Costs of Managerialism.

They argue that we are expected to swallow the claim that untold benefits will emerge if we participate in a system that treats everyone and everything as a product for sale or purchase, but the increasing evidence of the human and environmental costs of such behaviour suggests that we should pause, reflect and stick some warning labels on this latest managerial medicine.

The Human Costs of Managerialism examines managerialism and its human costs in a variety of contexts such as welfare, health, local government, finance, sport, workplace management, research institutes and the media.

The contributors come from a wide range of disciplines. The book also includes insights from poets and cartoonists.

ISBN: 1864030127

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