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Human Rights, Corporate Responsibility
By Stuart Rees, Shelley Wright

Companies invest massive resources and money into countries like Indonesia and Burma, turning a blind eye to gross human rights violations, including the use of child labour. In Human Rights and Corporate Responsibility, a range of authors address conflicts between the interests of corporations and the advocates of human rights.

This book analyses the diversity of human rights - from individual rights to protection of the environment, from principles affecting the treatment of women and children to rights to development and the protection of cultures. It assesses the world-wide record of companies which are making claims about their citizenship responsibilities and are under pressure to take human rights seriously. Everyone interested in human rights and international business will be interested in this book.

Stuart Rees is Director of the Centre for Peace and Conflict Studies and Professor of Social Work at the University of Sydney.

Shelley Wright is a Senior Lecturer in law in the Faculty of Law at the University of Sydney

ISBN: 1864031190

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