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Inquiry into the provision of Public Education in NSW
By Tony Vinson

Few things are more important to the wellbeing of our children and our society than the education system. For this reason an Inquiry was held into public education in NSW, conducted by a panel of three independent investigators: Professor Tony Vinson (Chairperson), Dr Kathy Esson and Dr Ken Johnston (Senior Inquiry Officers).

Starting in September 2001, the Inquiry took one year to complete. The investigators held 28 public hearings around the state, visited 150 schools and received 770 submissions from the public. The Inquiry's recommendations are aimed at giving new life to the public education system.

The recommendations include: a focus on teachers as professionalsmaking sure every child has a good beginning in formal education promoting excellence in teaching practices providing for children with disabilities giving more academically able students advanced educational opportunities within comprehensive (non-selective) schools compensating for the effects of social and educational disadvantage setting up the administrative and funding arrangements needed to support these reforms. Implementing these and other main recommendations of the Inquiry will allow us to preserve a healthy public education system in New South Wales.

Some of the comments made to the Inquiry;

"This is my second home. I am supported here. I feel the same in the company of my teachers and the other students as I do at home." Student, Canterbury-Bankstown area, Sydney

"We are educators. We make a professional input at every stage, from the curriculum to the building we work in ; We are asked to try and teach someone else's recipes that don't fit our particular students, our particular communities." Teacher, Dubbo area

"Smaller class sizes need to be implemented, especially in small schools with multi-stage composite classes. Teachers in these classes need to cope with gifted and talented children, special-needs children, and children with behavioural problems as well as the 'average' child. It is a difficult job." P&C, small country school

"We are trying to instil lifelong learning principles, and the notion that students are responsible for their own learning ; It's not just the product but the process of learning that is important." School principal, Newcastle area

"I fear for the future of the country when we've got public schools that, maybe in the future, will only be there for people who can't afford to go to some other school." Teacher, Sydney metropolitan area

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