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Labor Essays 1998
By Gary Jungwirth

Labor Essays 1998 are the fruits of the debates the ALP had to have about its vision for Australia's future. The essays reflect the labour movement's enthusiasm for ideas and policy, plunging into the burning issues of the day - native title, education, the aging population, industrial relations, industry policy, regions, job creation and globalisation.

The ALP structure itself comes under scrutiny, with contributors' proposing party reform to enhance member participation and better tap the energy of the community and the rank and file.

The contributors are a who's who of the labour movement and reflect its twin strengths of continuity and renewal. Essayists include leaders Kim Beazley and Gareth Evans, 'Young Turks' Mark Latham and Lindsay Tanner, 'new blood' Cheryl Kernot and Mary Delahunty, ACTU President Jennie George, ministerial veterans Simon Crean and Bob McMullan, and elder statesmen like John Button.

ISBN: 1864030488

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