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Local Heroes
By Kathleen McPhillips

Local Heroes tells the stories of ordinary Australians who took on large corporations and indifferent government authorities to achieve justice and make their communities safer. In the process they became environmental heroes -- passionate activists for disenfranchised communities, articulating their visions for a cleaner planet. Told with humour and passion, their stories offer an insight into how we can develop and maintain a sense of hope about the future of our environment.

Local Heroes gives voice to activists who have struggled over the last twenty years to change agendas at local, state, national and international levels. The book looks at ten issues, including lead pollution in inner city Sydney, heavy metal contamination in Port Kembla, the Coode Island chemical storage plant in Victoria, the Smogbusters campaign in Brisbane, and the fruit fly chemical trauma in Far North Queensland.

Editor Kathleen McPhillips co-founded the NO-LEAD Group and has written and lectured in the area of community activism, lead contamination and the politics of remediation. She lectures in humanities at the University of Western Sydney.

'An inspiring book about unsung Australians defying the odds to protect their patch of the environment, as well as a textbook on how to do it.' Senator Bob Brown, MP

'The most striking thing about this book is the tireless dedication of individuals and groups in endeavouring to make a difference to our environment and health. A must-buy for parents, students, teachers, policy makers and toxic industry alike.' Professor Brian Gulson Graduate School of the Environment, Macquarie University, Sydney

ISBN: 1864030585

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