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Night Train to Granada
By Grahame Harrison

In the early 1950s Grahame Harrison ran with the underground cabal of young iconoclasts, critical thinkers and bohemian spirits who called themselves 'The Push'. But Sydney in the 50s was not enough, and like many of his generation Harrison boarded an ocean liner bound for post-war London and on to Spain, still under the heel of General Franco.

For the next decade, Harrison immersed himself in the life of Granada, a town, like most of Spain, still recovering from the wounds of civil war. Harrison made Granada his home, forging close friendships across the social spectrum and recording an intimate and shrewd account of life in Franco's Spain.

Harrison is an intelligent and witty observer. His adventures are peppered with humorous asides and his profound observations about the politics, customs and ideas he encounters make this a fascinating, off-beat memoir.

As a young traveller Grahame Harrison combined the post-war idealism of his generation with the spirit of free and critical thinking of the Sydney Push that was to invigorate Australian cultural life in the 1960s and 1970s.

ISBN: 1864031417

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