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Partnership at work
By Glenn Patmore, Paul Golan

The decline in union membership means that now three out of every four employees miss out on an important opportunity to be heard in their workplaces. Yet the effective representation of employees is the cornerstone of Australia's industrial relations system.

Is it any wonder that citizens are complaining of increased stress, unpaid overtime, family-unfriendly hours and injuries when vital workplace decisions are being made with little or no employee consultation? Job satisfaction seems to have been forgotten in the race for ever-increasing profits. How can we create new partnerships between employee and employer?

Partnership at Work advocates concrete changes to stem the decline in employee participation, and to create democratic workplace environments that are good for workers and business. Written by some of the most influential and provocative workplace relations researchers, policy makers and commentators, the book addresses key topics such as:

  • methods to make company directors more accountable
  • current trends in employment relations ways to enhance union representation
  • the development of new mechanisms for employee consultation, such as employee-elected works councils
  • prospects for the promotion of worker co-operatives.

These essays revitalise the debates about employee democracy, consultative managerialism and partnership at work. An exciting feature of Partnership at Work is its coverage of recent developments in Europe, the USA and New Zealand. Edited by Paul Gollan from the London School of Economics and Glenn Patmore from the University of Melbourne, it offers fresh perspectives for anyone with an interest in business, employment relations, human resource management, law or politics.

ISBN: 1864031883

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