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Rethinking Law and Order
By David Brown, Russell Hogg

Street crime, home invasions, teenage drug abuse and escalating rates of sexual abuse are just some of the issues that have made law and order one of the most emotive public policy debates of the 1990s. According to many media reports, Australia is in the grip of a 'law and order' crisis. Politicians of all political persuasions and at all levels of government have responded to this perceived crisis -- at every election they promise tougher punishments, more police and greater truth in sentencing.

In Rethinking Law and Order, David Brown and Russell Hogg -- two of Australia's most outspoken law reform advocates -- provide a new way of thinking about the current 'crisis' of law and order. They expose some of the 'commonsense' myths about crime in society and offer a thorough and informed analysis of the political rhetoric and sensational media reporting about crime in Australian society. This book explores the ways that our ideas about violence have changed over time and, using original research, provides new insights into the nature and extent of violent crime in Australia. Despite the current wave of law and order fervour, these authors argue that Sydney is not going the way of New York City. Indeed, they claim white collar crime and corruption are far more insidious threats to social stability than headline-grabbing but random acts of physical violence.

ISBN: 1864030275

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