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Suicidal Church, The
By Caroline Miley

The Suicidal Church is a critical assessment of why the church is failing to relate to contemporary society in Australia. Falling church attendance is not a new trend but it is at odds with the increasing interest in spirituality in western culture. So why is there a loss of faith in the church?

Caroline Miley argues that it is not religious belief that is the obstacle for many Christians, but the culture of the church itself. The Anglican Church, like other denominations in Australia, has become for many an empty museum of arcane traditions - an outdated institution committed to mediocrity. The great sadness is its failure to preach the gospel authentically, and its betrayal of a vibrant Christianity that should brim with energy and embrace diverse human experiences. Far from a life-affirming space, the Anglican Church has become a hide-away where frightened people can avoid the passion and imperfection of living.

Caroline Miley examines the current failings of the church and its culture of timidity, fear, racism, sexism and homophobia that now cripples the institution. For the church to be relevant in the twenty-first century it must undergo large-scale, radical and painful change. The Suicidal Church provides ideas and a program for revitalisation.

The Suicidal Church does not seek to demolish religion or destroy the church, but to shake it back to life. Caroline Miley's book is based on her Anglican experience, but it will resonate widely with Christians of all denominations. It is essential reading for all who care about the future of Christianity.

Caroline Miley is a practising Christian, an academic art historian and a curator. She holds degrees in law and arts, and has a PhD from Latrobe University. She is part-way through a degree in theology.

ISBN: 1864031824

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