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A Room in Bombay & Other Stories
By Dorothy Wentworth-Walsh

In A Room in Bombay & Other Stories Dorothy Wentworth-Walsh captures an India that is no longer - an India at the time of independence but still marked by colonialism and class. We meet the people of one of the world's most crowded and colourful cities - Bombay, and experience some of Dorothy's more unusual adventures and escapades.

Dorothy often ventures where no man, let alone a woman at this time, would dare to go.  Her ‘reality’ journalism is racy but still maintains a sense of dignity and grandeur with a shrewd eye for what is hidden just below the surface.


Dorothy Wentworth–Walsh has had an extraordinary life as a journalist, broadcaster and author.  She has travelled the world as a BBC and ABC journalist, been a press secretary to celebrities such as Hardy Amies and Maurice Chevalier and founded Australia’s first newspaper for women in 1972.  She has also written over thirty books from romantic novels to detective & crime stories as Katie Martin, Dorothy Addison and Wentworth Addison.

Some of the Stories in A Room in Bombay are:

The queen’s necklace

A bear awakening
Caught short at the bazaar
A cup of chai; tea at the bank, British-Raj style
Commuting to and from Bombay
Beggars can’t be Choosers
Bollywood in the Chawls
The unbeliever 
That’s not cricket, Mr Kipling
The Sikistan riddle & Lord Louis Mountbatten’s treachery
The watchmaker
The cobbler
Self-made career man
Jude’s story
Dowry dramas
The caftan and bedspread

ISBN: 186403 249 9                                            Available in October 2005

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