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Career Girl: Get the job you love

By Sally O'Keeffe

Career Girl is the ultimate career advice book for the groovy, sophisticated gal about town who has designs on impressing the city with her brilliant business idea or superior management ability.

Career Girl is a book about work….about how to choose work that you like and how to turn it into something you love. This book will let you in on the career secrets of the successful and fabulous.
And show you how to do it!

Cool career advice for young women just starting out or for women who feel trapped in a job they hate.

So how does a girl with smarts and determination go about doing the work that she loves?

Sally O’Keefe says you need to find out about the marketplace, the new ways of working, new industries and new jobs. The 21st century suits resilient, innovative, forward-thinking and highly educated gals.

Packed full of practical strategies to help young women turn what they love into a job, Career Girl also gives advice on dealing with common career dilemmas such as glass ceilings, bitchy workmates, ungratefulness, mad bosses, jealousy, boys’ clubs and mind numbing boredom.

The Author

Sally O’Keefe is the quintessential career girl – driven and ambitious.  She writes from her experience and extensive research.  Sally set up and runs her own successful business CareerGirl, a career counselling practice dedicated to young women, as well as advising to schools, corporations and professional organizations.

Her advice on career and work issues appears regularly in the Australian media. She has most recently contributed to articles about: asking for a pay rise; promotion strategies; getting a chatterbox off the phone; escaping career ruts; and rules for dating someone you work with.

As a child Sally wanted to be an airhostess – so she could wear a hat to work.

ISBN: 1 86403 281 2                                                                           ARRP: $26.95


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