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Something about Mary: from girl about town to Crown Princess

Something about Mary: from girl about town to Crown Princess
By Emma Tom

How is it that Mary Donaldson got so lucky?

What is it about her that turned the prince of a foreign land into a lovesick puppy?

And how did she manage a remarkable and seamless transformation into one of the world's most photographed and glamorous women - without spin-outs or skeletons emerging from the closet?

Something about Mary is for everyone who's read betweeen the lines and knows there has to be more to the fairy story than we've heard so far. Will the pressures of the gilded cage become too much? Will Mary's remarkable composure begin to crack? And just what sort of family has she married into anyway?

Emma Tom's Something about Mary is a delicious, witty and intelligent look at the making of an Australian princess.

With details of the royal pregnancy and birth of the baby prince, including photos.

Buy Now for $32.95 plus $2.00 postage for delivery within Australia.
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isbn: 186403 273 1

For further information about Emma Tom and Something about Mary go to www.emmatom.com.au

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