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The Gift: Grandmothers and Grandchildren Today

The Gift: Grandmothers and Grandchildren Today
By Judy Lumby

Judy Lumby talks of being overwhelmed by love at the sight of her first grandchild and the process of reflection this triggered.

Just why did her experience feel so different from what she had observed about her own grandmothers and mother's experiences of being a grandmother?

And what does it mean to be a grandmother in an age when women are living longer and healthier lives and looking and feeling young at 60?

These are the grandmothers who come to grandparenting in the wake of feminism.

This book of their stories centres on what it means to be a grandmother in today’s world.

For grandmothers the birth of a grandchild is often a defining moment - for many the experience has been profoundly altered by big changes in the role and status of women.

The grandmothers in this book also think hard about how they can sustain their own children as well as their grandchildren, and provide the whole family with support, guidance and grandmothering.

‘Becoming a grandmother was the start of one of the most inspiring phases of my life.  It is a gift which came to me unexpectedly – I had no idea how powerful it would be.’
Judy Lumby

After interviewing a range of today's new grandmothers including Helen Garner, Wendy McCarthy, Quentin Bryce, Margaret Fink and more, Judy Lumby gives a fresh and inspiring account of what it means to be grandma today.

The Author

Judy has spent her life working in health care as a nurse and academic.
Throughout her career she has always been a hands-on mum to Catharine, Alison and Carrie. Today, Judy combines her role as Executive Director of The College of Nursing with her passionate commitment to grandmothering three boys, Charlie, Sam and Josh.
The Gift: Grandmothers and
Grandchildren Today is her second book

ISBN: 186403 233 2                                                                          ARRP $26.95

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