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NOW Australia: The 3rd Degree

NOW Australia: The 3rd Degree - Frontline in Australia's Climate War

Murray Hogarth

This is the fourth in the series of NOW Australia - new journalism on contemporary issues by Australia’s leading writers and journalists and issued five times a year.


The 3rd Degree : Frontline in Australia's Climate War, takes a look at the battle we have to have with ourselves to avert dangerously-destructive, runaway climate change.

Murray Hogarth sees climate change as humanity’s greatest challenge and in this Now Australia he tells his story:

‘I began reporting regularly on climate change as an environmental journalist over a decade ago. Back then a global warming story was treated as a curious theory only a couple of steps above wacky science fiction.  Now it’s the daily fare of mainstream political columnists, a compelling topic for economic debate with trillions of dollars at stake. When this book ends, in about 25,000 words time, Australia will be accelerating towards its inescapable climate change destiny. I’m calling that The 3rd Degree, the battleground on which we’ll fight to avert truly disastrous impacts of global warming. This is a war we have to win, and we’re all going to be conscripted. Welcome to the frontline.

Murray Hogarth takes us inside Australia’s major institutions -business, the government and community groups and examines how we’ve all failed to heed the early warnings, what measures are being taking so far, and the massive escalation required to win the climate war.

The 3rd Degree is the key battleground for the 21st Century. Australia is already feeling the heat as a one-in-1,000-years drought tips the country into crisis mode. Our politics, the operating environment for our businesses, the way in which our communities function, and the lifestyles of individuals – all will change dramatically in ways we can’t yet comprehend.


Murray Hogarth has been helping major companies to understand and respond to their social and environmental challenges since 1999, when he joined Ecos Corporation after an award-winning 21-year career in print and television journalism.

His media experience includes reporting with flagship ABC-TV current affairs programs Four Corners and The 7.30 Report, and with top newspaper mastheads such as The National Times and The Australian, culminating with a spell as Environment Editor at The Sydney Morning Herald, in the late 1990s.

Based in Sydney, Murray is a regular media commentator on sustainability issues. His pro bono roles include membership of the advisory panel for the Total Environment Centre’s Green Capital Program and serving as a longstanding Board member of the Environmental Defenders Office of NSW.

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ISBN: 978-0-9802924-1-1


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