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Don't Panic! Nearly Everything is Better than You Think

Don't Panic! Nearly Everything is Better than You Think
Cassandra Wilkinson

When did everything start going to the dogs? Join Cassandra Wilkinson on a wild ride through science, politics, art, psychology, history and culture to answer once and for all the question, ‘Is everything going to Hell?’

'There's a recurring riff in the press, politics and popular debate that we're madder, badder and sadder than ever before. The doom saying comes form the left and the right. It comes mostly from the old but also form the young. It comes from the enfranchised and also the marginalised. In pursuit of a dazzling array of social objectives, all kinds of people are trying to make us panic.’

So begins a fast paced, funny and fiercely optimistic exploration of sex, music, carbon trading, Frankenstein food, child labour, gay parents, video games, economic deregulation, doof-doof music and global security. 

Find our why the world is a nicer, safer, cleaner place than you think. Find out why people are kinder, wiser and saner than you think. Find out why Nearly Everything is Better than You Think.

Don't Panic! is an entertaining and timely riposte to fear-mongers everywhere.


Cassandra Wilkinson is a public-access media advocate, a winning short play writer and co-founder and president of Australia's only all Australian music radio station, FBi FM Sydney.
Cassandra has been a senior political advisor to the NSW Treasurer and other Labor Ministers, and the devoted mother of Holiday, parliamentary wife and one time guitarist with obscure '90s fuzz-pop band Raymond Luxury Yacht.

She has half a degree in fine arts and theatre, half a degree in economics and one whole degree in politics. Cassandra lives in Bundeena with her family and visiting deer.

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Nearly Everything is Better than You Think

By Cassandra Wilkinson

ISBN: 978-0-9802924-4-2

Available May 07|RRP $ 29.95|

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