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NOW Australia - new journalism on contemporary issues by Australia’s leading writers and journalists.

Faith, Money, Power: What the religious revival means for politics

Margaret Simons

'Well-documented and thought-provoking, a must-read for anyone interested in contemporary Australia, and with a Federal election looming it is both timely and necessary.' The Australian Bookseller and Publisher

Which School?: Beyond public vs Private

Joanna  Mendelssohn

Which School? The dilemma facing parents today. How to decide. Why is it that the middle class is deserting public schools for private schools? It's not just about money. What has gone wrong with the once excellent state system and why are governments failing to stop the drift?

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The 3rd Degree: Frontline in Australia's Climate War

Murray Hogarth

In this new book former ABC and Sydney Morning Herald journalist Murray Hogarth uncovers the heat being generated in Australia’s company boardrooms and governments by the suddeness of the country’s shift on climate change.

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Bad Dreaming: Aboriginal men's violence against women and children

Louis Nowra

Louis Nowra goes behind the media headlines and reveals the endemic male Aboriginal sexual and domestic violence against women and children. He tries to answer the question whether this violence is traditional or a product of two hundred years of white settlement.

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Bali: Paradise Lost?

Emma Tom

Emma Tom reveals the hidden side of the island's past, and what it is currently like to be an Australian in what was once a favourite holiday destination for thousands.

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Inside the Lifestyles of the Rich and Tasteful

Andrew West

In this book, journalist and author Andrew West exposes the great Australian myth of egalitarianism by going inside the class that dare not speak its name - the upper middle class. With wry humour and cutting irony, West observes the customs, the privileges, the spending and preoccupations of Australia’s well-to-do.

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