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Last Flight Out of Dili: Memoirs of an Accidental Activist in the Triumph of East Timor
A book about the world's newest nation by someone who was at the centre of East Timor's struggle for independence. David Scott was in Dili when the indonesians invaded in 1975, escaping with Jose Romos-Horta.

David Scott
By David Scott


The Rise of the Creative Class: And How it's Transforming Work, Leisure, Community and Everday Life
Based on extensive research Richard Florida shows how the Creative Class - scientists, architects, artists and musicians - are transforming everyday life in the cities that attract them.

Richard Florida


Don't Call Me Grumpy: What older men really want
Men are living longer: thirty years longer than they did a hundred years ago. Francis Macnab reflects on his own life with a cross section of older men including Jeff Kennet, Max Gillies, Glenn Wheatley, John Button and Sir Gus Nosal.

Dr Francis Macnab


Something about Mary: from girl about town to Crown Princess
A delicious, witty and intelligent look at the making of an Australian princess by one of our country's most original writers.

Emma Tom


A Room in Bombay & Other Stories
This intriguing and colourful collection of stories was written when the author first visited India in 1949 and during her return in the 1980s. A beautifully crafted book it is startlingly fresh in a style reminiscent of the late Alistair Cooke's Letters from America.

Dorothy Wentworth-Walsh


Crowded Lives
In our fast world of stress, change and choice it is our relationships that are under enormous pressure. Tanner argues that the ingredient missing from the public debate is the low priority given to nurturing relationships.

Lindsay Tanner


Falling Up
Scott holds the reader in her spell as she recounts the dreadful abuse she suffered at the hands of her manipulative father and the funny and sad events on her path to recovery - rave reviews in SMH and Herald Sun.

Diana Scott


Now Australia: Bali - Paradise Lost?
Emma Tom reveals the hidden side of the island's past, and what it is currently like to be an Australian in what was once a favourite holiday destination for thousands.

Emma Tom


Open Australia
By Lindsay Tanner. In Open Australia Lindsay Tanner argues that this simple question underpins virtually all major issues in contemporary Australia.


Pacific Paradises: The Discovery of Tahiti & Hawaii
Pacific Paradises is a rich and stirring story of cultures in collision. The reality of the colonisation of Tahiti and Hawaii by western powers is a shameful catalogue of misunderstanding and betrayal. In a final irony, western society now embraces many of the qualities held by the 'noble savages'.

Trevor Lummis


Scorsese's Men: Male Melancholia and the Mob
By Mark Nicholls

This book examines a theme central to all the films of Martin Scorsese, that of male melancholia, nostalgia and loss.


Singing Australian: A History of Folk & Country Music
By Graeme Smith

A fascinating history of Australian music from the early colonial origins of folk to the folk boom in the 1960s and the present day revival with a creative blend of folk, country, rock and pop - all in a distinctly Australian style.


Super Aussie Soaps: Behind the scenes of Australia's best loved TV shows
By Andrew Mercado

‘The definitive book on Aussie soaps. Excellently researched, it’s a must for TV historians and viewers alike.’ Judy Nunn, actor & author


The Gift: Grandmothers and Grandchildren Today
Celebrates being a grandmother today through interviews with a range of grandmothers, the first generation to exchange bowling outfits for gym gear.

Judy Lumby


The Hawke Government: A Critical Retrospective
Edited by Susan Ryan, Troy Bramston.


The Persuaders: Inside the Hidden Machine of Political Advertising
By Sally Young

How has political advertising changed over the years and what is it's impact on the nature of Asutralian democracy?


A Perilous and Fighting Life
From Communist to Conservative. The Political Writings of Professor John Anderson.

Edited by Mark Weblin


Australian Son: Inside Mark Latham
Australian Son: Inside Mark Latham is based on interviews with Mark Latham over seven years.

Craig McGregor


Career Girl: Get the job you love
A guide for young women just starting out or stuck in a job they hate. Packed full of resources for figuring out just why it is that you're not getting paid for doing what you love!

Sally O'Keeffe


Crashing the Gate: How American politics is about to change
Crashing the Gate is a shot across the bow at the US political establishment and a call to re-democratize politics in the US. Available in bookstores in August but BUY NOW by visiting the next page about this title.

Jerome Armstrong and Markos Moulitsas Zúniga


Fighting Films
A History of the Waterside Workers’ Film Unit.

Lisa Milner


Honey, we lost the kids: Re-thinking childhood in the multimedia age
Children today are surrounded by screens of various shapes and sizes, delivering a range of electronic stimuli barely recognizable or accessible to the uninitiated. What does this mean for parents and children and has the nature of childhood dramatically changed in ways parents barely understand?

Kathleen McDonnell


On Holidays: A History of Getting Away in Australia
By Richard White

In his lively history of the Australian experience of ‘the holiday’, Richard White traces just what has happened to holidays in Australia. Is the Australian holiday we have known for more than a century in danger of slipping away without anyone noticing?


Against Paranoid Nationalism
Not long ago, an excessive 'worrying' about the nation was associated with extreme Right organisations.

Ghassan Hage


Economics as a Social Science - New edition
Economic ideas are influential in restructuring society, for better or worse.

George Argyrous & Frank Stilwell


In The Best Interests of the Child
Hetty Johnston’s brave account of how she came to be Australia’s most prominent child protection activist.

Hetty Johnston


Just Passions: The Personal is Political
Rhonda Galbally's story offers a fascinating study of an Australian woman who has seized opportunities at critical moments in the last decades to creatively shape her life - and help shape the lives of others.

Rhonda Galbally


Please just F* off: it's our turn now - holding baby boomers to account
25 year old Ryan Heath aims a missile at the baby-boomer generation of Australians who he believes are carelessly clinging to some of the country's most important leadership positions. Heath shows how the superannuated-complacency of this generation is leading to cultural decline.

Ryan Heath


Male Trouble
By Stephen Tomsen, Mike Donaldson. "It's now a familiar observation that notions of Australian identity have been almost entirely constructed around images of men--the convict shaking his shackled fist; the heroic explorer facing inland; the bushman plodding down a dusty track; ...


Body Trade
Body Trade is the first scholarly book to explore postcolonial issues in relation to the body in Australia and the Pacific.

arbara Creed & Jeanette Hoorn


Buried Country
Buried Country debunks the dominant myth of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples as exotic and tied to traditional music.

Clinton Walker


From the Suburbs
From the Suburbs is a collection of Mark Latham's papers while he was a Labor frontbencher.

Mark Latham


Chick for a Day
The international bestseller Dick for a Day: What Would You Do If You Had One? was a crossover phenomenon, tickling humour fans, impressing gender studies buffs and winning over readers of all ages.

Fiona Giles


Economic Inequality
Contrary to the popular myth about an egalitarian or classless society, there is a striking and growing degree of inequality in income and wealth in Australia.

Frank Sitwell


For The People
Since the early 1980's privatisation, corporatisation, outsourcing, information technology and globalisation have transformed governments around the world.

Dennis Glover & Glenn Patmore


From Diggers to Drag Queens
The story of Australian national identity is frequently narrated as a journey from intolerance to tolerance.

Fiona Nicoll


Future Active
Future Active is an exploration of the widening field of Internet activism, of the key players and their ideas, and of the tactics and technologies that inspire them.

Graham Meikle


Hooky the Cripple
HOOKY THE CRIPPLE is a dark and violent tale for our times.

Mark 'Chopper' Read


Human Costs of Managerialism, The
By Stuart Rees, Gordon Rodley. Behind the mask of an apparently benign and seemingly rational search for 'efficiency' lies the unsavoury face of capitalism -- that's the commonly-held view of the 20-plus contributors to the Human Costs of Managerialism.


Human Rights, Corporate Responsibility
By Stuart Rees, Shelley Wright. Companies invest massive resources and money into countries like Indonesia and Burma, turning a blind eye to gross human rights violations, including the use of child labour.


Edited by Mandy Thomas and Melissa Butcher.


Inquiry into the provision of Public Education in NSW
By Tony Vinson. Few things are more important to the wellbeing of our children and our society than the education system.


Labor Essays 1997
By Gary Jungwirth. Politics is a battle of ideas and as this book shows Labor is the political party of ideas in Australia.


Labor Essays 1998
By Gary Jungwirth. Labor Essays 1998 are the fruits of the debates the ALP had to have about its vision for Australia's future.


Local Heroes
By Kathleen McPhillips. Local Heroes tells the stories of ordinary Australians who took on large corporations and indifferent government authorities to achieve justice and make their communities safer.


Suicidal Church, The
By Caroline Miley. The Suicidal Church is a critical assessment of why the church is failing to relate to contemporary society in Australia.


New Voices for Social Democracy
By Dennis Glover, Glenn Patmore. New Voices for Social Democracy considers how we can reconcile social democracy's traditional concern with "class" with the rise of the politics of 'identity'.


Night Train to Granada
By Grahame Harrison. In the early 1950s Grahame Harrison ran with the underground cabal of young iconoclasts, critical thinkers and bohemian spirits who called themselves 'The Push'.


No Toxic Dump
By Paul Strangio. 'Werribee's waste dump dispute shows that grassroots democracy is alive and well.


Partnership at work
By Glenn Patmore, Paul Golan. The decline in union membership means that now three out of every four employees miss out on an important opportunity to be heard in their workplaces.


Rethinking Law and Order
By David Brown, Russell Hogg. Street crime, home invasions, teenage drug abuse and escalating rates of sexual abuse are just some of the issues that have made law and order one of the most emotive public policy debates of the 1990s.


Running on Empty
By Andrew Scott. Running on Empty is Andrew Scott's verdict on the 'modernisation' of the British and Australian labour parties.


Sharing the Work- Sparing the Planet
By Anders Hayden. For too long, we have pitted protection of the environment against the protection of jobs.


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