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In The Best Interests of the Child
By Hetty Johnston

From the woman who put the issue of child sexual assault on the national agenda with her repeated calls for the resignation of the Governor General, Peter Hollingworth - In The Best Interest of the Child - is Hetty Johnston’s brave account of how she came to be Australia’s most prominent child protection activist. The book reveals the person behind Hetty’s tough media image and explains just why she has acted as she has.

It tells the story of an ordinary Australian woman caught in extraordinary events and her courageous and heart-wrenching responses. It gives a graphic account of her personal and public battle with the forces that coerce children who have been sexually assaulted (and their loved ones) to remain silent, and explains why supporting those who refuse to be silenced is the best chance we have of reducing the alarming incidence of child sexual assault.

This book shows just what can happen when a group of angry parents gather around a kitchen table and decide to take action – how grass-roots political movements can rock the foundations of our political institutions. In the Best Interests of the Child uncovers what motivates Hetty Johnston and tells us why she won't be silenced.

ISBN: 1 86403 336 3  September 2004  RRP$28.95 


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