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Australian Son: Inside Mark Latham

By Craig McGregor

The author, award winning writer and journalist Craig McGregor  is remarkable for his insight into how Mark Latham’s personal life inspired his political ideas.

The book traces Mark Latham’s transformation from backbench ‘bovver boy’ to his startling ascent to the leadership of the ALP  – and the roller-coaster ride which led his Labor mates to quote the bumper sticker : “Get in, Sit Down, Put on your seatbelt and hang on!”

This book is much more than a biography; it also provides an analysis of Latham’s political philosophy, his ambition to transform the Australian Labor Party and Australian politics, and the concepts which  made him an ideas factory for the progressive side of politics.

There are surprises and new information.   Latham the ‘soft’ family man who had cancer and is deeply involved in the parenting of his two young sons.  Latham the ‘westie’ who was angry and became merely aggro.  Latham the larrikin.  Above all else, Latham the man of passion – whose driving ambition was to make Australia ‘fairer and more generous’. 

Like it used to be.

About the Author

Graig McGregor has written award-winning books on politics, Australian society and popular culture and has won the nation’s prestigious Walkley Award for his profiles of leading politicians.

His books include:  ‘Time of Testing: The Bob Hawke Victory’, ‘Headliners’, ‘The Australian People’ . ‘Profile of Australia. His last book was ‘Class in Australia.

His brother Adrian McGregor has assisted with the biographical material. He is the author of best selling biographies of Cathy Freeman, Wally Lewis and Greg Chappell and has written widely on politics for The Australian.

ISBN 186403 288 X   July 2003 ARRP$24.95


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