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Just Passions: The Personal is Political

by Rhonda Galbally

Rhonda Galbally's story offers a fascinating study of an Australian woman who has seized opportunities at critical moments in the last decades to  creatively shape her life - and help shape the lives of others. It's a work of passion, and a book that will inspire.

Her book, Just Passions takes us on a journey through the past five decades to track the sources of her passion for social justice, and her belief in community and group action that continue to fuel her working life.

Refreshingly candid, Just Passions brings to life the range of people she has encountered and worked with in her years of service and the creative solutions she has found to prove her worth in a male-dominated arena at the top.

There are marvellous tales of battling the giant tobacco industry at VicHealth, along with intriguing portraits of such leading figures as Phillip Adams, Nugget Coombs, Barry Jones, David Suzuki, Germaine Greer and Sir Gustav Nossal, as well as Ron Casey and Bob Jane.

Just Passions is a frank and fearless account of how every Australian can be inspired to make their own difference.  Just Passions is more than an autobiography. Rhonda Galbally tells the stories about her own and others' outspoken advocacy, learning and leadership using ten personal experiences in incredibly changing areas including work, technology, family, ageing, disability, women, social capital, lifestyles and charity.

With loads of insightful and funny reflections on working, loving and living - from the world stage to the back blocks of local communities - this book challenges you to get involved, speak out - and not be afraid of the consequences.

About the author

Rhonda Galbally has been at the establishment of  a number of cutting edge organisations, including the Australian International Health Institute at the University of Melbourne, the Australian Commission for the Future, and VicHealth - the world's first organisation to use a dedicated tobacco tax for health promotion.

Other positions include Executive Director of the Myer Foundation and Sidney Myer Foundation, and Chair of Philanthropy Australia (then the Australian Association of Philanthropy).

Rhonda Galbally's life work has been to strengthen non-profit, education and community organisations. Her dynamic leadership in creating new solutions for community groups is supported by her vast experience in governance, capacity building, fundraising and grant making - all of which now culminates in her leadership of the progressive and innovative social investment company Our Community.

In all of her positions, Rhonda has successfully ridden the boundary between the government, commercial and non-profit worlds, forging productive linkages that have created widespread benefits for the wider community. She was awarded an Order of Australia in 1990, the Award of the Degree Doctor of Science (honoris causa) in 1998 and the Centenary Medal in 2003 in recognition of her service to the community.

ISBN: 186403 296 0  ARRP$29.95 

For information on Our Community see www.ourcommunity.org.au

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