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Super Aussie Soaps: Behind the scenes of Australia's best loved TV shows
By Andrew Mercado

Celebrating the 50th anniversary of television in Australia, this is the definitive history of Australian TV soaps.  Author Andrew Mercado has spent years researching Aussie Soaps, interviewing the stars and producers for a behind the scenes look at one of Australiaís most important export and cultural businesses.

SUPER AUSSIE SOAPS contains the history of Australian television serials, in chronological order from 1958 to the present including such-loved classics as Bellbird, Number 96, The Sullivans, Prisoner, Sons and Daughters, Neighbours and Home and Away.

This is the first book on Australian television soaps written in a readable and entertaining way and well illustrated with photographs (some rare).

Australian soaps are watched and loved by audiences all over the world, particularly the phenomenally popular Prisoner, Neighbours and Home and Away.

From the innocent charms of the 50s and 60s, to the sex n' sin sagas of the 70s, through to the decadent 80s until everything was thrown on its head with the unbelievable success of the suburban  Neighbours, every soap, in its own way, led to the later successes.

Now, for the first time, the complete history of all these shows is told, in chronological order from 1958 to the present.

- which soap had a visit from the then-Australian Prime Minister?
- which soap had questions asked about it in Moscow parliament?
- which soap featured a cameo from Olivia Newton-John?
- which soap featured an early performance from Nicole Kidman?
- which soap was originally pitched as being about an undercover nun?

The author

Andrew Mercado is the authority on Australian TV soaps and has starred on Pay TVís Channel V and Music Max. He is often called onto commentate on all things Soap. Andrew has been fascinated with Aussie soaps ever since his parents wouldn't let him watch Number 96 back in the 70s. Instead, he devoured every other Aussie soap on offer (and eventually was even allowed to watch the controversial Number 96 which is still his favourite TV show of all time). After years of serial viewing, he eventually ended up working behind the scenes on Gold Coast-based soaps Paradise Beach and Pacific .

As part of the 50th anniversary in 2006, The Powerhouse Museum in Sydney is holding an exhibition on Australian TV and  is touring the exhibition to other Australian museums towards the end of the year. Andrew will speak regularly and extensively throughout the year.

ISBN 1 86403 1913          ARRP $24.95

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