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The Rise of the Creative Class: And How it's Transforming Work, Leisure, Community and Everday Life

By Richard Florida

Without diversity, without weirdness, without difference, without tolerance, a city will die.

“This seminal book should serve as a wake up call for Australian governments, industry and businesses.  It has profound implications for government policies for science and technology, education priorities, urban planning and investment.”  Terry Cutler (from the foreword)

Based on extensive research Richard Florida shows how the Creative Class - scientists, architects, artists and musicians - are transforming everyday life in the cities that attract them: building community spirit, attracting new investment and transforming the local economy.  To attract them local authorities must focus on the three Ts of economic development - technological infrastructure, an ability to attract talent, and tolerance.

The Creative Class now comprises more than 30% of all employed people. The choices these people make have already had a huge economic impact, and in the future they will determine how the workplace is organized, what companies will prosper or go bankrupt, and even which cities will thrive or wither.

Richard Florida offers innovative and practical lessons for business and workers. This book chronicles the ongoing sea-change in people's choices and attitudes, and shows not only what's happening but also how it stems from a fundamental economic change.

The Rise of the Creative Class… “is an important book for those who feel passionately about the future of the urban centre.  In fact Florida virtually defines us as he outlines the identity of the contemporary city’s core population.”  New York Times

“Florida’s research and experience over the past decade have given him the foundation on which to build a new view of business reality”.  Information Week

"Florida argues that the cities that appeal to the creative vanguard will prosper in an economy driven by inventiveness.”  Wired

About the Author

Richard Florida is H. John Heinz III Professor of Regional Economic Development, at the Heinz School of Public Policy and Management, Carnegie Mellon University.  He has been a visiting professor at MIT and Harvard University’s John F. Kennedy School of Government.  A columnist for Information Week, he lives in Pittsburgh, Pensylvania.

For more information about the Creative Class and Richard Florida's work see

ISBN  1 86403 256 1    September 2003 ARRP$39.95



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