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Scorsese's Men: Male Melancholia and the Mob

By Mark Nicholls

This book examines a theme central to all the films of Martin Scorsese, that of male melancholia, nostalgia and loss.  Taking the reader through five films from the legendary director – The Age of Innocence, Raging Bull, Taxi Driver, Goodfellas and Cape Fear, author Mark Nicholls identifies through their representation of masculinity, an essential melancholy underlying the work.

The readings of these key works provide a detailed consideration of Scorsese’s melancholy heroes, from Newland Archer to Travis Bickle, and his representation of the various tribal groups they are associated with such as 19th-century New York society, and the Italian - American mafia.

In a  fresh new look at this major Hollywood director, Scorsese’s Men examines a thread common to the director’s work.  Taking the theoretical concerns of the films Nicholls demonstrates how these themes have run throughout Scorsese’s career and have now been adopted and reworked by Hollywood in The Soprano’s and Robert De Niro’s comedy Analyze This.

The Age of Innocence directed by Martin Scorsese has been set as a VCE film studies text in Victoria for 2004.

About the author

Mark Nicholls is lecturer in Cinema Studies at the University of Melbourne, a regular film reviewer for ABC Radio and presenter with the Australian Centre for the Moving Image at Federation Square.

ISBN 1 86403 156 5                 RRP  $29.95


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